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Reset Methods of purge counter for All Brother Printer Models

click here for ----->   video tutorial to reset method

The Manual Reset Methods for Brother Printers
  1. Disconnect Brother Printer from power cord.
  2. Press Set button and while holding the Set button re-connect the printer to the power cord (electric source).
  3. It will display an error message “Machine Error 46″ on the LCD
  4. After the Error code appear, press the “arrow up button” ( ^ ) there will be numbers that are going to be display.
  5. Choose 8 then press Set Button
  6. Press Arrow Up button again then choose Zero (0) and press Set Button Again,now you will enter Service Mode.
  7. Press “Mono Key/Button” 25 times or until “Purge Counter Appear”
  8. Now press arrow up (^) again then choose “2″ press Set Button
  9. Press Arrow Up (^) again then choose “7″ press Set Button
  10. Press Arrow Up (^) again then choose “8″ press Set Button
  11. Press Arrow Up (^) again then choose “3″ press Set Button
  12. The purge counter will be reset to Zero.
  13. Now Press Stop/Exit Button
  14. The printer will return to “Machine Error 46″ again
  15. Press Arrow Up (^) then choose 9 press Set Button
  16. Press Arrow Up (^) again then once more choose 9 press Set Button
  17. The Printer will reset then wait until it power up again.
Source the tutorial Reset Methods for All Brother Printer Models article is from Indoreset Yahoo Group

other instruction is this method

you need to go to maintenance mode first
press menu/set after that the mono start key and then press the up arrow button 4 times..

i try this all method and it's work 100 percent...

take note:when you resetting the brother you should replace the waste ink pad of the printer..because if you only reset it without making a waste tank outside the printer it will cause flooding of waste inks inside your printer.. And that can cause to damage your printer..
  • Printers with a built-in Fax: Hold down MENU/SET/START and quickly press * 2 8 6 4.
  • Printers WITHOUT a Fax: Hold down Menu/Set and the Black Start key before pressing the UP arrow four times                                                                                                                                                                                                          Now your printer should say MAINTENANCE on the screen and you are ready to begin the process of actually resetting the purge counter.
  • Type in 80 using the numerical keypad.
    1. Use the DOWN key to locate the purge counter. eg. PURGE0060025
    2. Use the number pad to enter 2783 (this should zero the numbers after PURGE).
    3. Press STOP/EXIT to return to the first stage of maintenance mode.
    4. Press 9 and 9 to exit maintenance mode.
    Your purge counter is now reset and you can now resume printing as normal. If however this has not cleared the error message I advise going through this guide again following the instructions to the letter. If the error persists please let us know.

    compatible to almost all of the brother printer:Brother MFC-210C, MFC-215C, MFC-3240C, MFC-3340CN, MFC-3342C, MFC-410CN, MFC-420CN, MFC-425CN, MFC-5440CN, MFC-5840CN, MFC-620CN, MFC-640CN, MFC-640CW, MFC-820CW, MFC-235C, MFC-260C, MFC-240C, MFC-3360C, MFC-440CN, MFC-465CN, MFC-5460CN, MFC-5860CN, MFC-660CN, MFC-665CW, MFC-680CN, MFC-845CW, MFC-885CW, MFC-250C, MFC-255CW, MFC-295CN, MFC-297C, MFC-490CW, MFC-5490CN, MFC-5890CN, MFC-5895CW, MFC-6490CW, MFC-790CW, MFC-990CW, MFC-J615W, MFC-J220, MFC-J265W, MFC-J410, MFC-J415W, MFC-J430W, MFC-J5910DW, MFC-J625DW, MFC-J6510DW, MFC-J6710D, MFC-J6710DW, MFC-J6910DW, MFC-J825DW

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Adjustment programs for Epson T10&T11, T30, T60, TX100&TX105, TX200&TX209, TX400&TX409

Here are the links for the reseters. Thanks to Orthotomine and Serkan for cracking them.

Epson T10 and T11 Adjustment Program

Epson T30 Adjustment Program

Epson T60 Adjustment Program

Epson TX100 and TX105 Adjustment Program

Epson TX200 and TX209 Adjustment Program

Epson TX400 and TX409 Adjustment Program

In order to use the reseters please run the executable files with color red icon or the loader except for T30.

Good luck to everyone who needs them.

Epson C92 and Photo R220/R230 Adjustment Program
Here is the link for the adjustment program for Epson C92 and Epson Photo R220/R230 with indoreset.bat.

Epson C92 Adjustment Program

Epson Photo R220/R230 Adjustment Program with indoreset.bat

Good luck to those who need these reseters!

Happy reseting to everyone.

Epson Photo 1390 Adjustment Program
Here is the link for the properly labeled Epson Photo 1390. Just a correction to the file labeled CX1390.

Epson Photo 1390 Adjustment Program

Good luck to those who need it...

Happy reseting...

CX6900F adjustment program
Hi everyone,

Here is the link for the newest reseter brought to us by indoreset yahoo group. Thanks to manny_chengjr of Philippines for the said reseter. He is very generous in sharing to the group.

Epson CX6900f adjustment

Happy reseting!

C110, CX7300, CX8300 & CX9300F Adjustment Program
Here are new sets of reseters shared to us by another member "e2500e". Many thanks to you guys who are very supportive and generous in our group.

We were able to test the C110 reseter with an actual printer and it's working. All others were not tested with an actual printer but the good news is, the program itself is working even without the printer unlike other copies that are circulating in the net in which we are stuck in particular mode.

Good luck to everyone who needs these reseters. Please give your feedback through indoreset mailing list.

Epson C110 Adjustment

Epson CX7300 Adjustment

Epson CX8300 Adjustment

Epson CX9300F Adjustment

R290 Reseter
Hello everyone,

A lot of people are asking about this reseter. After searching for quite sometime here is a working copy provided by one of our members, manny_chengjr from Philippines. Thanks guys for all the support and please continue to help the group grow by sharing your knowledge and the reseters that you have.

Here is the link, in the meantime we uploaded it in divshare.

and mediafire :

By the way, CX5500 reseting procedure can be found in our files folder of the yahoo group.

Happy reseting everyone...

Epson CX5500 & CX5505 - i knew u want it !
I post it in new thread coz its new adjustment. Happy download !
As I promised there is no password :) , and for this one no need to change the date

plz do post in the comment if u succeded the reset for this type
Saya post di judul baru soalnya ini file baru, met disedot
juga sesuai janji saya, tidak ada password ! oh iya yang kali ini
tidak butuh ganti tanggal :D

harap isi comment kalau anda sukses me reset printer ini
Epson CX5500 and CX5505 Adjustment :

Happy reset

1. C90 :
- indonesian version :
- singapore version :
C90 how to :
2. CX1390 :
3. R390 :
4. C58 :
5. RX650 :
6. R220 and R230 :
7. R240 - R245 - R250 :
8. C59 :
9. C79 :
10. CX2800 but you can use it for CX2900 also :
11. CX3900 :
12. R340, R350, R800 :
13. R270 :
14. R200, R210 :
15. R1800 :
16. RX500, RX 510 :
17. RX600, RX620, RX630 :
18. RX700 :
19. CX1500 :
20. CX3700 CX3800 CX3805 CX3810 DX3800 DX3850 :
21. CX4100 CX4200 CX4700 CX4800 DX4200 DX4250 DX4800 DX4850 :
22. CX5900 :
23. C67, C68, D68 :
24. C87, C88, D88 :

Epson R390 reseter
To all reseters,

Here is the link for Epson R390 reseter. Thanks to manny_chengjr of Philippines for providing it. We are happy to know that people are appreciating what the group is doing by sharing what they have too.